March 1 2023

GBIC Statement on the European Digital Identity Framework (eIDAS 2.0) - Concerns about mandatory acceptance for payments

GBIC welcomes the objective of the eIDAS Regulation to create the necessary framework conditions for the further digitalisation of public and private services as well as business processes in the EU by introducing a European Digital Identity (EUDI). The acceptance of the EUDI wallet by private providers and banking and other financial service providers can contribute to better customer experience and high security through new use cases. However, a mandatory comprehensive and vague requirement for the integration of EUDI wallets in payments would pose significant technical difficulties for Member States and create a new need for relief from liability risk. In addition, the compatibility of national eID systems must also be resolved. The drafts of the eIDAS Regulation, which are currently being discussed in the Parliament and the Council, unfortunately do not take into account GBIC's concerns and the addressed complexity of using the EUDI wallet for payments. GBIC therefore calls on the legislator to take its arguments into account and to revise the proposals on these points.


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