March 9 2018

Italian-German Dialogue on Financial Services to intensify

The Italian and German financial communities convened in Rome today for the second round of the Dialogue on Financial services organized by the Italian Banking Insurance and finance Federation (FeBAF) and the German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC). 
The two delegations were headed, respectfully, by Innocenzo Cipolletta (Vice President, FeBAF) and Karl-Peter Schackmann-Fallis (Exec. Member of the Board, German Savings Banks Association-DSGV). 

The Dialogue focused on European and domestic topics, starting from an overview of the two countries after the general elections with an outlook for the financial sectors, and proceeded along the current major themes that the EU is dealing with: the state of the play and possible next steps of Brexit, the Banking Union, the Banking Package (CRR / CRD / BRRD stressing the importance of proportionality) and Basel IV, the prudential treatment of Sovereigns, possible joint initiatives on the review of the ESAs (European Supervisory Authorities).

The Rome meeting was also the occasion for an overview of the current activities that the two industries are carrying on to exploit and cope with the present and future challenges for the financial sector, such as digitalization, fintechs, and demographic changes.  
The Dialogue was a very fruitful occasion to share views on many topics - the two delegations stated at the end of the meeting – and to reaffirm the positive outlook that the two economies are expected to perform in the future in the perspective of policies open to making progress in the European agenda. Their contribution is decisive to a stable and sustainable growth of the European Union, and a balanced regulation of the financial sector at a continental level is key to guarantee a proper funding to companies and families. 
40 top executives participated in the meeting.

Representatives of the main banking national associations included Luigi Abete (President, FeBAF), Augusto dell’Erba (President, Italian Federation of Popular Banks-Federcasse/BCC), Matteo Spanò - Vice President, Federcasse/BCC), Giuseppe Ghisolfi (Vice President, Italian Association of Savings Bank-Acri), Giovanni Sabatini (Director General, Italian Banking Association-ABI), and Paolo Garonna (Secretary General, FeBAF) for the Italian delegation.  Andreas Krautscheid (Chief Executive, Association of German Banks-BDB), Markus Becker-Melching (Member of the Management Board-Office of the Chief Executives, BDB,  Georg Baur (Member of the Management Board, Association of German Public Banks-VOEB), and Klaus Moeller (Head of Dept. Marketing and Comm., National Association of German Cooperative Banks-BVR) for the German one. 

Due to the positive results of the session, the delegations already agreed to intensify their meetings, and to hold the next round of the Italian-German Dialogue in Berlin next autumn.


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