August 22 2019

Legal bans are no help

The German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) comments as follows on the discussion about a possible legal ban on negative interest rates for deposits of less than 100,000 euros:

“In a market economy, banks – like all other businesses – calculate their prices and charges on their own on the basis of the market environment. That also applies in times of negative key interest rates that the banking industry cannot ignore. Legal bans are alien to the system, don’t help customers and may ultimately lead to dangerous financial market instability. Such proposals show how far the undesired side effects of the European Central Bank’s negative-interest-rate policy already reach.”

Press Contact for the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft

Cornelia Schulz/Steffen Steudel | Spokesperson

National Association of German Cooperative Banks (DK-Leadership 2023)

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Thomas Schlüter | Spokesperson

Association of German Banks

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Stefan Marotzke | Spokesperson

German Savings Banks Association

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Anne Huning | Spokesperson

Association of German Public Banks

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Carsten Dickhut | Spokesperson

Association of German Pfandbrief Banks

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