CBMT Webinar

As the digitalisation of the industry progresses, there is a need for a digital form of money that can be seamlessly integrated into existing ecosystems and data streams of industrial companies. The Commercial-Bank-Money-Token-Concept makes commercial bank money available on-chain and can therefore be integrated into DLT-based ecosystems. CBMT fulfils the operational requirements of Industry 4.0, such as the use of smart contracts, delivery versus payment (simultaneous and immediate transfer of assets and payments, DvP) and high-precision payments.

Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (GBIC) held a webinar on the Commercial Bank Money Token (CBMT) end of April 2024. In this recording of the 90-minute online webinar, the banks and industrial companies involved in the CBMT Proof-of-Concept present the concept of a CBMT, show the technical implementation of practical industry use cases in blockchain environments and answer questions from participants. A live demonstration shows, how fungible tokenised multi-bank deposits can be implemented on three different technical platforms.

Speakers: Maximilian Baum | Deutsche Bank AG, Ramin Ghafari | Siemens AG, Claus George | DZ BANK AG, Andreas Joest | Evonik Digital GmbH, Maximilian Maischein | DZ BANK AG, Roberto Pagliari | Commerzbank AG, Oliver Pieper | BASF SE, Manfred Richels | UniCredit Bank AG, Tobias Tenner | Association of German Banks e. V., Liv Tschee-Wegert | DZ BANK AG, Simon Zieglgruber | Association of German Banks e. V.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please contact webinar@cbmt.io.


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